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Announcements – 4/7

Announcements March Madness Can Drive: We only have a week left on our can drive (which will run through Sunday April 12th)!  The Tar Heels have a commanding lead with 197 cans, with NC State back in second with 110.  The Blue Devils are now in third with 95.  App State is in 4th with […]

Worship Meditation 4/5

Worship Meditation 4/5/15 So once again we come to that time of year where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the single most important facet of Christianity. These days we’re frequently told that all religions are the same, that there’s no difference between the Christian faith and any other. We often see people making […]

Worship Meditation 3/29

Worship Meditation 3/29/15 He entered Jerusalem like a rock star. His fame had spread for miles, with stories of healing and miracles. People had seen the sky open and heard a voice from above endorse His ministry. Now, mounting a colt never ridden by anyone, he rode into the holy city, while multitudes of God’s […]

Worship Meditation 3/22

Worship Meditation 3/22/15 Hey everyone!  So, we’re almost through Lent.  How’s everyone doing?  Are you feeling closer to God or are you just wishing you could have some ice cream?  (Or maybe both?)  Well, this year for Lent, I did something different.  I’ve done the whole “giving up soda/sweets/meat/etc” thing, and it never really did […]

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