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Worship Meditation 8/31

We did it. We rocked a month-long series on Disney movies. Almost. Last but not least is a story that needs no introduction given its cultural impact. And if you like warm hugs, you’ll probably need a few after sitting through this chilly tale of two sisters: one exuberant, strong willed, and longing for friendship […]


I have been thinking a lot lately about Bible studies. Fall is prime time to begin a new Bible study and curriculum dealers know it! It seems like I have a different study resource catalogue in my mail box every day. There are resources from different denominations, resources for children, youth, men, women, single people, […]

Announcements 8/27

The youth group school year schedule kicks off this Sunday!  Middle school youth group will meet 4:30pm-6:00pm.  High School youth group will meet 6:30pm-8:15pm.  There will be a snack supper for both groups in-between from 6:00pm-6:30pm.  All activities are in the Fellowship Hall.  Please contact Brad Inman for more information at youth@oumcmail.com. ****IMPORTANT FOR ALL […]

Worship Meditation 8/24

After examining Aladdin, the story of a Middle Eastern teenager struggling against his social status, fear, and self doubt while pretending to be a prince, we meet Mulan, an Asian teenager struggling against her social status, fear, and self doubt, while pretending to be a soldier. Nope, no similarities there at all. Mulan fights many […]

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