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Announcements 11/19

This Sunday is Commitment Sunday, an important day in the life of the church where we decide what we are called to give to the church and to the Kingdom of God. Please bring your pledge cards with you, as there will be a special time of commitment at the end of each service. If […]

Worship Meditation 11/16

There’s a show on HBO I watch called Game of Thrones (you’ve probably never heard of it.) A complex and fascinating series, the medieval drama features several noble houses battling for the throne, and one of the numerous themes explored is the tension between the classes. The lords, royalty, and other “High Borns” are contrasted […]

A Call to Remembrance

This Tuesday, many people across our land will enjoy a day off from their normal routine.  Sadly, many of them will not understand the significance of the day.  This Tuesday marks the anniversary of a momentous day in history.  On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, the guns […]

Announcements 11/10

  Dinner Wednesday….Don’t forget to email the church office if you plan to attend dinner on Wednesday! Samaritan’s Purse shoe-boxes are due November 22 at The Bible Church for collection. Please fill a shoebox and deliver directly to the Bible Church if you are interested in this wonderful outreach program. The children will fill shoe-boxes Sunday, November […]

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Upcoming Events

November 23rd
Charge Conference

November 30th
Advent Calendar Workshop

December 14th
Christmas Cantata

December 14th
ZONE Performance
"The Christmas Cupcake"


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