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Where we are living in grace, learning in community, and loving through service.

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Question of the Month: What does the resurrection mean to you?

“Forgiveness of sin” “Hope” “New life” “Everything, if there had been no resurrection, nothing else would matter.” “God conquers all human ills, including murder and death.” “The Resurrection is the ultimate kept promise.  God promises justice, grace, mercy, and new life and even after we as humans have done everything possible to reject and doubt […]

Upcoming: “State of the Church”

Article by Joey Hand (Chair of Finance) and Erin Miller   The financial “state of the church”, though something which is not glamorous or exciting like Harvest Festival or the March Madness Food Drive, is crucial to the life of the church.  By being a financially sound church, we are able to do many things, […]

Beyond the Walls: On God’s Plan

By Adam Keisler I was recently asked to write about a time where God worked in my life, and this story stuck out resoundingly in my head.  It’s a bit of a long one, but hang on for the ride…we’re going on a bit of an adventure. Meredith and I moved to Chapel Hill in […]

Interview with Rita Davis: Chair of Administrative Council

First, some questions about yourself…   What’s your name? Rita Davis   What’s your family like?  I have been married for 35 years to Dave Davis.  We have two dogs, Rupert and Barkely.  We love to hike and do outdoorsy things. Dave is an amazing leader in his work as an architect and in the […]

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