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Worship Meditation 3/8

The problem with two weeks of cold, dreary weather is it makes us lazy. What’s the point of getting out of bed if you’re snowed in and can’t go anywhere? Why bother doing anything when you’ve no real responsibilities or accountability? When everything’s canceled and everyone stays home, it’s almost impossible not to lean back […]

Announcements 3/4

Don’t forget to set your clocks FORWARD this Saturday night!  Don’t be late to church! March Madness Can Drive: Starting this Sunday, we will be collecting cans and other non-perishable foods.  Cheer on your favorite team and help a good cause, all at the same time!  All foods will go to help Pathways Elementary.  Each […]

Worship Meditation 3/1

Several months ago, I was driving around flipping radio channels and landed on an interview on N.P.R. The person being interviewed was an author who was chatting about a new book (or so I gathered, jumping into the broadcast midway through.) Witty, engaging and remarkably down to earth, this person (who’s name I unfortunately forget) […]

Announcements 2/25

Activities tonight at church are still going on, but will likely be cut short.  The Movement (the young adult group that meets at Wallace’s) will NOT be meeting.  Additionally, choir will meet on Saturday at 3pm. The Marriage Course is an 7 week course that includes practical talks that are informative and fun. Couples will […]

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