Welcome to Orange United Methodist Church.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Where we are living in grace, learning in community, and loving through service.

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Parking Courtesy

In order for Orange to be a friendly, inviting and convenient congregation, we have created for our VISITORS and those with SPECIAL NEEDS, 9 clearly marked parking spaces located directly in front of the Fellowship Hall. There is a signpost at each end with an arrow pointing to the designated area. Four of the spaces […]

Welcome Home – September: Sustenance

In the month of September, we will be focusing on the important of sustenance.  To do this, we will have several activities available alongside Sunday morning sermons and scripture readings which relate to the topic of sustenance.     Week 1 (Faith): It’s dinnertime!  We will have a family-style meal at Vimala’s Curryblossom cafe on […]

The ZONE Returns!

The Zone Returns on September 13th.  All children k-5th grade are invited to participate with no experience required. This year’s production is “ISAIAH JONES and the Seekers of the Lost Christmas Treasure”.  This musical features “Isaiah Jones” as a young hero adventurer who finds himself and his friends inside a video game, searching for the […]

Welcome Home: Life Happens Here

Life:  it is a beautiful, mysterious gift. We are often reminded to make the most of it: —“Live it up” —“Strive for the good life”   But…do we really know what that means?  What exactly is “the good life?”   At first glance, it would seem that we have the answer to this question: We […]

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